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Dil Seçimi

Dental Implant Types and Prices

Features of Removable and Fixed Implant Prostheses

Until recently, the treatment option for patients with no teeth was total dentures. However, with the technique developed in recent years, implant-supported prostheses are preferred in single or complete tooth deficiencies. Among the dental prosthesis types on the implant, the most suitable for the person is determined, designed, and placed in the mouth.

The number of implants is determined according to the number of missing teeth and the quality and quantity of the bone to be implanted. Then, fixed prostheses or precision retainers are used, such as a single crown, implant-supported bridge or implant tooth-supported bridge. Tissue-supported prostheses provide more advantages to the user. Over-implant prosthesis types are highly functional and more aesthetic than traditional veneers and prostheses. Continue reading our article to get information about implant prosthesis types and implant prosthesis prices.


Types of Prosthesis that Can Be Made on Implants

Implant prosthesis types are divided into 2 as fixed and mobile. Implant-mounted dentures, which are more advantageous than removable prostheses, have been in great demand in recent years. Types and features of dental prosthesis over implants:

  • Fixed prostheses: Fixed prostheses are in the first place among the types of prosthesis on implants. Fixed prostheses applied in the form of single crowns, screws and prostheses placed in the jaw are preferred because of their easy use and durability. However, problems such as protein breakage may occur during the construction and use of implant-supported prostheses.
  • Removable prostheses: Another type of prosthesis over the implant is the removable prosthesis. Removable prostheses offer an easier use for patients who do not have teeth in their mouths. Implant-based removable prostheses are appliances placed on the artificial root attached to the jaw. Porcelain or zirconium material is preferred.

Implant-supported prosthesis design can also be prostheses with ball attachment on implants in the form of mini-implants or standard implants. Top bar connected dental prostheses are also among the removable prostheses on implants. The types of prosthesis over the implant are determined according to the general dental and bone health of the person.


Implant Top Dental Prosthesis Prices

The prices of implant-supported prosthesis primarily vary depending on whether the prosthesis is fixed or mobile. The number of teeth that the person has lost, whether the prosthesis will be single or all, also affect the prices of the prosthesis on the implant.

The prices of prosthesis on implants vary according to how many implants will be made before the prosthesis is inserted, whether different treatments are needed, the bone structure of the person and the material type of the selected prosthesis. Your dentist will inform you about the prices of prosthesis on implants according to your treatment plan.


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